Jacksonville Fireman Responses To Call Over Air Force One

Sitting in Seattle’s Museum of Flight is a 145- foot long National Treasure. This plane flew President Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F Kennedy around the world from 1959 to 1962.
Now, with the fate of a National Treasure in question only the best in the business can respond.
This is exactly why Mark Elliott, a Jacksonville firefighter and paramedic, has responded.
Mark is one of 40+ professionals chosen as a member of an elite team who cares for Air Force One. They will also work on 15 other historical planes at the Seattle Museum.
Selected to report for duty yet again. Mark describes the experience as “I was just amazed to be a part of the project and conserve history,” Elliott said. “It is all about being an American, and touching this air craft is priceless.”
See, on duty Mark is saving lives as a fireman and paramedic. But off duty he’s an expert car, boat, train, and airplane detailer.
He’s also a part of Detail Mafia. Who for the last 14 years has visited the museum to maintain the air crafts.
Watch the Video to see a behind the scenes look at the detailing of these historical airplanes.

See How 40+ Professionals Keep Historical Planes In New Conditions In Less Than 7 Days

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Since the Summer of 2003, Renny Doyle has lead a team of elite detailed Pros. Their job is to preserve these national treasures.

Seattle’s Museum of Flight first contracted them to spend a week repairing the paint and aluminum on Air Force One.

In time, the project expanded to include many of the iconic historic planes on display in the museum including:

  • B-29 Super Fortress
  • The First -Ever Boeing “Jumbo Jet” 747
  • Concord Alpha Golf
  • Boeing 727-022

While this project is a great honor. Team members receive no cash or compensation for their work. The project is by invitation only and completely pro bono.

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Fireman, Paramedic, and Firehouse Owner Mark Elliot is one of 40+ professionals called to persevere Air Force One and other National Treasures at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. 

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Source: Wikimedia

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