Javon Williams Speaks Out On Major Issues Facing Young Urbans Professional

It’s a concern that keeps many from starting their own business or being promoted. JAX-YUP CEO talks about the plan to bring balance to the city. 

Jacksonville Young Urban Professionals are out to serve 3 Major Groups… 

  • Urban Business Owners 
  • Urban Professionals 
  • And Job Seekers

Javon, a successful business owner, coach, and executive board member on the JBCC recalls the lack of resources available to him when he started his business. 

Overall, we believe that working together we can provide a “one stop shop” for those in the community seeking to open a business. 

While the JAX-YUP is located in Jacksonville Florida… 

We asked of any plans to expand as well as what is the main benefit someone will achieve by being a member of the JAX-YUP. Watch the video below as Javon reveals all. 

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Young Urban Professional Discuss The Big Problems They Seek To Solve

Photo Credit: Bracy Photos 

CEO Javon Williams 
Jacksonville Young Urban Professionals 

Our Mission: A Jacksonville-based business group focused on Peer Mentoring, Workshops and Networking at Professional Conferences. 

Our Vision: To provide a One Stop Shop business solution for young, urban professional business owners!

Javon Williams Plans To Take JAX-YUP Into New Heights. 

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