Is Owning a Home Overrated?

In just a few seconds we’re going to let you in on what every renter what to know… 
It’s a concern that keeps renters tossing and turning in their bed at night. For many, it’s a bigger question than credit, interest rates, mortgages or even the price of a home.
Since 2002, Latoshia Hall have worked with Florida residents. And turned dozens of them into homeowners.
She knows the hidden traps connected with homeownership. In this video she sits down to give some insider information about renting vs having a mortgage.
Lastly, for those brave enough to push pass the first fear and stress of homeownership… she tells you the one thing you must get started on today. Watch the Interview below. 

Busy Jax Interviews Powerhouse Realty

LaToshia Hall
Powerhouse Realty INC
Phone: 904-742-2011

LaToshia Hall is out to “make homeownership a reality for all of clients.” 

In this interview she addresses first time home buyers concerns. Along with the number of programs available you may not know about. 

Next she tell us what she thinks about renting vs buying. What are the true cost associated with renting. 


Finally, she dives into what drives her. What it means for her when she hands over the keys to a new home. 



The Average Home in Florida is $200,000

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