2 Exploits Amazon Used To Impact The Retail Industry And Why Local Businesses Should Do The Same

We spent over 1000 hours of research obtaining this information.

We’ve watched a lot of interviews. We read more things related to managing money than we care to admit for these 2 hacks.

All to answer… What helped Amazon Grow So Quick?

If you asked Jeff Bezos… Which someone does in the video below…

He says it’s luck and having the stars match up in the correct way.

We didn’t spend months of research for “luck” so we kept digging.

And sure enough, we found it… Hidden between the lines of every interview was the answer. Narrowed down to 2 methods that lead to more money and explosive growth.

Now listen… there are always existing principals like “keep the customer first… ask the customer what they want to buy…

We know this… it’s the obvious answer… Let talk about the not so obvious answers which sped up their growth…

Watch The Video 2 Hacks To Take From Amazon And Use Today

Technology is advancing so quickly that many people and businesses are behind. 

Think Toys r Us… which is now bankrupt.

For this reason, we looked at what made Amazon successful. And what can we replicate?

First, Amazon exploited the power of the internet. They built a website where they deposited checks into their account 24 hours a day.

The “regular business hours” had no impact on generating money.
Along with producing money 24 hours a day… They broke from their local areas and sold to the entire country.

Were they the first? No, as one would expect. But many local businesses are stuck to their local area.

Not understanding the importance of reaching beyond your local community.

This is the new shift… be local, sell globally.

Secondly… They trust skills of others to create many streams of income.

Here is a secret that Jeff Bezos isn’t afraid to admit… he (on purpose) enter markets he isn’t an expert on… make sense right?

  • They didn’t rely on their own skills and abilities. Instead, he did this…
  • They bought companies and products already on the market and labeled them. Or used on their website.
  • They didn’t fight against companies already selling. Nor try to recreate their own branded products. They took what sold and changed the place it was paid for. They let experts… remain experts.
  • The efforts of others built their sales rather than internal staff. Relax folks no one is saying there was no sales force at Amazon. Only that Amazon thrive because other got a small fee for sending customers.
  • They grew and did well because they changed.
No longer were they a company based on a product or service.

They created an Idea.

The idea they adopted was the idea of distribution…

Now, this wasn’t an obvious thing. It only came about after Bezos did one thing he talks about in his interview. Which leads us to ask…

Are ideas the new business model?

How to copy this into your business?

The solution is to surround yourself with a responsible tribe. Who care for and support one another.

Generate money around the clock. Otherwise, your competition will leave you behind when they learn this first. This will take care of a single point of failure. If you cannot work during those hours no revenue comes in.

Don’t distract yourself from your current income method. But begin to depend on the efforts of others and add more sources of money around your business.

This allows you to eliminate one more single point of failure in your business…

Yes, unfortunately, many businesses have many single points of failures.

These 2 things alone will help you excel in your business. Allow you to grow and do well and reduce points of failures.