Grab Some Balls To Manage Stress In Springfield…

Have you scheduled enough playtime as an adult?

I’m not talking about the little happy dance you do at work while the coffee pours into your cup!

As of 2020, it seems like a vacation or dragging around kids from bouncing houses to cute petting zoos is the only real playtime adults pay attention to.

(Pssst… Sitting down watching others does not count)


There’s nothing wrong with this.

It seems like we think the word “play” is childless. It looks like careless and dangerous behavior for adults. After all, we’re no longer in shape and “might pull something”.

It’s something you should leave to the professionals.

Meanwhile, you stay serious. Stay calm and don’t do anything that will bring attention to yourself.

This is the opposite of behavior that leads to a healthy stress-free way of living.

Play as an adult release endorphins changing a state of tiredness into 3 extra hours of doing other activities.

Play gives you an escape from stress. Albert Einstein once said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”

To echo this.. we believe that you cannot dig your way out of a hole with the same shovel that you dug the hole with!

This is a great way of thinking… but what does it mean?

It means you must remove yourself from your stress.
Get out to meet new people and have some fun.

That way your ability to create something new has a chance to recharge.

You’ll get a different approach and opinion about what could be done to resolve your stressful situation.


This is why Making Florida in partnership with Strings Brewery has provided a special night for you to do just that.

To stay up to date with the latest event RVSP Here: Stress Protection Events

Throughout the month at Strings you will find a variety of fun and exciting activities where you can play and enjoy friends and family.


The BulziBucket Game Night is designed with you in mind. 

While there are a few ways we suggest you do to deal with stress that involves throwing at a target...


This is the only game we suggest that involves beer, grabbing balls, and aiming at someone else.


BulziBucket is the next level of corn hole and allows your teammate to hit the ball in for extra points.


These events usually happen on Tuesday nights at Strings…Check it out below.

To stay up to date with the latest event RVSP Here: Stress Protection Events

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