January Florida Crime Watch Kicks Off...

When police kicked down the door of one Florida man they saw a huge spark! And then discovered why one man warned his kids to stay away. 
Meanwhile, miles away a man jumps off a bridge to avoids an intoxicated woman. 
A few highlights of crimes in Florida which made the 2018 starting lineup of the Florida Finest
We break down the top 45 stories into small highlights. So you know what situations to avoid. 
Watch the video below and learn what not to do when you believe your wife is a spider… 
Enjoy part 1 of 3… Florida Finest Criminals January 2018. 

Florida Finest Criminals #1 2018


About the Maggie J-Mazing

maggie j-mazing

Maggie J is an opinionated loudmouth who never went to journalism school but thinks she’s qualified to deliver the news anyway. 

She enjoys copious amounts of wine and pasta, and trying to improve the caliber of criminal Florida has to offer. 

She lives in constant fear she will become one of Florida’s Finest, and hence rarely leaves the house. 😂😂

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