Extreme Activities To Do In Florida To Deal With Stress

Many of us go through stressful situations in life. Sometimes it’s a struggle trying to find different ways to cope with extreme stress.

If you’re like me, you love getting rid of that stress by doing extreme and fun things! It can be hard trying to find a great, fun and extreme thing to do to eliminate the stress, so this list is going to help you find 8 extreme activities in Florida different from the normal.

1. Haunted Activities

Who doesn’t love haunted houses and attractions? There’s nothing like getting rid of stress by scaring it away and having fun in the process of it! Florida is very well known as a haunted state, so why not visit a haunted house? The places ranged from the all famous St. Augustine to The May-Stringer House.

An amazing video to look at for a list of amazing haunted attractions to visit as well as information on them. May the spooky be with you! 

2. Zip Line Roller Coasters

We’ve all heard of zip-lining, but have you ever been on a zipline roller coaster? If not, head on right down to Florida’s very own Forever Florida Ecopark. This attraction is a fun addition that was added in 2012 and is named The Rattlesnake.

It is the only zip-lining roller coaster in the United States!

As you get on it, you take many twists and curves around the zipline, which is sure to pump up your adrenaline and release endorphin, (which is known to help stress)!

3. Extreme Thrill Ride

The next extreme stress reliever is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This place is known for its scenic biplane and helicopter rides and the amazing Big Waco Thrill Ride! Here you can book your amazing rides anywhere from 15, 30, 45 and even 60 minutes! It will help fly that stress away and feel like you’re on cloud nine! Soaring through the warm Florida air while looking off to the coast will help you forget about all your worries and help you feel more relaxed than ever.

The view is amazing and as you can see, the couple in the video are stress-free and all smiles!

4. Volcano Bay Water Park

Florida is home to many theme parks, but Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park is a must-go-to place located in Orlando, Florida. The park view is gorgeous and did I mention there are secluded waterfalls that you can relax by and listen to? Who doesn’t love the peaceful sound of a waterfall? This amazing family-oriented park is a great place to go yourself or with friends/family! With thrill-filled water slides, you can slide down and feel like a kid again!

This waterpark is sure to slide that stress away! If you’d like to see just a little taste of what Volcano Bay Water Park has to offer, watch above. 

5. Water Jet Pack

If you enjoy the water and want to fly, go visit the TradeWinds resort located in St Petersburg, Florida. Here they have the amazing JetLev flyers! This place is rated 5 out of 5 stars and is definitely a place you want to add to your bucket list for stress-relieving! Not only do you get to go into the warm waters of Florida, but you get to fly on the water! Many people who have visited and experienced this have mentioned how much of a high they experienced and how all your worries seem to vanish!

6. Extreme and Exotic Animals

As you may know, Florida is known as the “Alligator State”, so it’s obvious that you will see some alligators while you visit! There are many places you can go to see them as well as pythons and large birds. Even though it may seem scary, it’s actually very stress-relieving to bird watch. For example, in this video, you can see giant Florida vultures drying off after heavy rainfall. These beautiful birds spread their wings and stand as they let them dry; otherwise, they couldn’t fly due to the weight the rain puts on them. Watching them dry out is a sure way to relieve stress! 

7. Various, Extreme Things to Do In Orlando

Orlando is home to many fun and extreme places. This ultimate guide helps you find the right extreme stress-relieving fit for you. The fun ranges from paintball, trampolining, rock-climbing and many other great activities. They also explain and recommend the best rated and well-known places in Orlando to visit as well as the address and contact numbers to schedule your stress-relieving experience!

8. Underground Caves

Another amazing experience to have in Florida is beautiful underground caves. These caves are great if you would love to experience scuba diving as well as see beautiful crystal clear waters that Florida has to offer. See 6 amazing cave diving spots that will surely help you relieve stress. This link helps provide you a great list of cave diving spots as well as nearby hotels that you can book at so you can be close-by. Nothing says bye-bye to stress like diving down under the warm water of Florida.

9. Smash Rooms

Found in Orange Park, Florida… “Just Smash It” is another amazing way to take out your stress while being destructive. You and a group of friends have the chance to destroy up to 400 small items, 200 medium items, 8 large items and grub on some pizza. It certainly meet our criteria for stress management activities. It’s no surprise these rooms are popular so RSVP your session as soon as possible

Now that you’ve seen 9 amazing, thrill-seeking ways you can eliminate stress, head out in Florida and treat yourself to one (or more) of these amazing experiences! 

Do you have any extreme activities in Florida you think should be on the list? 

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