The People...

Making Florida helps local businesses replicate technology used by billion dollar corporations.  Apply it to their business.  Dominate in their area, and increase their  revenue… All without having a corporate sized budget. So if working with local businesses and impacting your community sounds good to you.. Come join us on this journey”

The Technology

We use technology to connect our employees and clients. Our clients are all around the world and so are our employees. We work from home, coffee shops, libraries. Anywhere this is a laptop and internet connection. This is the future work space. We invite you to be apart of our culture. 

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build Amazing Communities.

Are you sick and tired of seeing Big Corporations take money out of the communities to feed greedy CEO’s?  Do you shake your head when you hear about millionaires here and there wasting money meanwhile people around you struggle for basic necessity?  

Do you think it sucks when those around you have amazing ideas but no way to make them happen? 

Here’s at Making Florida we believe in the power of the Community… Tribe. We’re on a journey to take the technologies used by Billion Dollars Corporations and replicate them to local businesses to grow and impact the community. 

We are looking for creative, energetic people from all walks of life to help us
Make Florida Local Business Community Strong. 

If you’re sick and tired of working for Corporations and letting others get rich off your efforts… Or ever thought about being apart of a movement to Impact Your Community… Then we want to meet you. 

We must warn you… this isn’t a clock in and scroll Facebook kind of environment…. We rely heavily on technology to carry out our mission. So if this sounds like something you can handle apply below to start the conversation. 

Employment Opportunities

Team Lead

Oversees the market approach. Understands the problem in the niche and shapes a message to create demand. And oversees the technical output for customer projects. 

Outreach Team

Communicates using a variety of platforms to customers. Analysis engagement and followup with prospects with benefits of services. Should be proficient with social media.

Relationship Manager

Oversees the customer use of service. Identifies other opportunities which exist to help clients. 

Technical Analysis

Develops all technical services for client and outsources any necessary technical project. 

Create Your Future

We’re Making Florida… 

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