The Only Way To Make An Explosive Impact On
The Northside Of Jacksonville is...

To Fix The BIGGEST Issue First… 

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 2/3 of Leaders who watched the following video connects with Tribe

We’re looking to collaborate with all leaders who is passionate about Northside Jacksonville Community Redevelopment.
Your ideas matter and we need your efforts to change our community.
When we focus our collective efforts and energy… great things happen.
We need to move from a $28k median household income to a $100k median household income.
Right now our methods of communicating are ineffective, owned by someone else, or non-existent.
We need our own platform to plan and communicate with each other.
Owned by us. Managed by us. And free from the distraction of social media. 
That platform now exist and this is your invitation to join.
Let’s collaborate. Let’s work together as a unified force.
  • Join the ONLY Platform designed to link community leaders together without the distraction of social media.​
  • ​Work together combining effort and energy to make an explosive impact in the community.
  • ​Quickly mobilize others to your cause by communicating in a central location with other leaders in Jax.
  • ​Unlike social media this platform is locally owned and operated by folks in the Jacksonville Community.

Help others get what they want… You get what you want…
Make the world better in the Process. 

Let's Make ALL OF Jacksonville A Place People Want To Visit And Live

Core Values

  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Care
  • ​Create

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