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Lets Appreciate The Differences
In Others

What’s The Big Problem?
Jacksonville is broken. The epidemic of violence, horrible wages, and corruption is what the city is becoming known for. 

How Bad Is It?
It’s frightening. And getting worse. Not just the violence and drugs. But also poor economy conditions that keeps people fighting to survive. 

What Happens If It’s Not Fixed?
If it continues the epidemic will continue to spread like a plague. Vultures (opportunity seeking corporations) will continue to suck resources from dying communities. They spend zero energy investing into community growth. Then move on to attack the next town.
Again… Frightening! 

What’s Our Solution?
Collaboration… Rebel against expectation. We’re expected to stand still and take it. We’re expected to sit still and wait for gov’t to fix it. We’re expected to do nothing. But we’re not… We’re collaborating not in protest but in our movements to create the change we want to see in Jacksonville. 

What Can You Do?
Lend to us your movement!
Refuse to sit still while this epidemic spreads about our community. Refuse to stand still while the risk of getting shot, robbed, and stabbed increases.
Refuse to stand still while the price of rents shadows monthly incomes. 

We move not to protest but to create the change we want to see.
We Are The Movement Collaboration Project. And this is our Multicultural Talent Show Project. 

Let’s come together, connect, and share our art. 


highlights from the upcoming Talent Show Dec 2018

Dec 2018

To be announced


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Discounts Are Horrible…

Discounts Are Horrible Except When They Work...

How online businesses are able to generate millions using discounts and how you can do the same in your local business. 

making florida
Making Florida

Local businesses pay attention. We discover the technology used by Billion Dollar Corporations and make it available for you. Because we want you to grow and impact your community. 

“Discounts are horrible… Discounts shrink margins and profits. And  attract the wrong people who are always looking for a deal.”

At this point, you either agree or think I’m nuts…

Those who agree should pay close attention because this is for you.

The problem with the statement above is… it’s completely correct if you have a broken model.

I’m afraid you’re a victim of only having a front end product. Your sales process is like this.

Find a customer – Make a sale

Find another customer – make a sale

repeat …

Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a customer return. But it’s 100% dependent on the customer to remember to return to your business.

The problem with this model is… you have to make a profit on every person or else.

Let me say it this way… A discount is only a problem when you run out of offers.

The biggest objection we hear especially with services is “but then people expect you to do XYZ for nothing…”

Great… Take those expectations, package it up into a new offer.

What I’m going to show you is how online businesses are able to use discounts to grow million dollar businesses. And how you can replicate it into your business.

3 Ways To Discount

They have back-end products and are willing to lose money on the front end to buy a customer.

Savvy business owners know the best customers are buyers. So they don’t let their buyers go to waste. They warm up their audience with a low offer. Then as they build that relationship they offer a bigger and more expensive offer.

They play the long game knowing that the back end offer will make up the loss on the front end.

Lesson… “The one who can spend the most amount of money to get a customer win” -Russell Brunson

When you have a back-end offer, your focus shifts. No longer must you make a profit on every sale. Now you buy a customer on the front end. Your goal is to break even or take a lost… So you can sell them something bigger.

The second thing different is… they have a list. There is a cost of admission to get the discount. And that admission is the contact information. This is essential because they don’t wait for the customer to return. They can reach out to the customer. Without building a list, you’re relying on new customers and random referrals.

Meanwhile, businesses with a list are able to email, call, follow up, and create sales on demand.

Of course like all great tactics this model is starting to see its own set of problems as more people do it…

It’s as common and expected as stock images. First, when new it worked well. But now people expect it. And conversion rates are dropping. So what now?

There is a fundamental problem when we give out discounts at mass. Whether it be a coupon or an app, or a “tripwire” as it’s called…

The person receiving it has no commitment to it. There’s no personal investment.

Yet, Studies show that when a person wins something… it changes how they view it mentally.

They’ve earned it. And so they attach to it. And this is a minor tweak to make in giving discounts. 

That mental attachment is an essential component before adding them to your list. Because now instead of ignoring your messages… they expect it.

In Conclusion…

If you don’t have a back-end offer then your action steps are to create one. Understand that creating a “repeat buyer” can also be a “back end offer”. You sell them more stuff.

None of this happens without creating a list. Your awesome customer service and friendliness is no match for human nature. People will spend weeks reminding them self to visit you again. And in the meanwhile, it’s lost revenue.

If you or someone you know local business depends on foot traffic then we recommend the Glass Jar Method. It’s a system that uses a simple glass jar and psychology to get your customers to return and spend more.

Making Florida Careers


The People...

Making Florida helps local businesses replicate technology used by billion dollar corporations.  Apply it to their business.  Dominate in their area, and increase their  revenue… All without having a corporate sized budget. So if working with local businesses and impacting your community sounds good to you.. Come join us on this journey”

The Technology

We use technology to connect our employees and clients. Our clients are all around the world and so are our employees. We work from home, coffee shops, libraries. Anywhere this is a laptop and internet connection. This is the future work space. We invite you to be apart of our culture. 

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build Amazing Communities.

Are you sick and tired of seeing Big Corporations take money out of the communities to feed greedy CEO’s?  Do you shake your head when you hear about millionaires here and there wasting money meanwhile people around you struggle for basic necessity?  

Do you think it sucks when those around you have amazing ideas but no way to make them happen? 

Here’s at Making Florida we believe in the power of the Community… Tribe. We’re on a journey to take the technologies used by Billion Dollars Corporations and replicate them to local businesses to grow and impact the community. 

We are looking for creative, energetic people from all walks of life to help us
Make Florida Local Business Community Strong. 

If you’re sick and tired of working for Corporations and letting others get rich off your efforts… Or ever thought about being apart of a movement to Impact Your Community… Then we want to meet you. 

We must warn you… this isn’t a clock in and scroll Facebook kind of environment…. We rely heavily on technology to carry out our mission. So if this sounds like something you can handle apply below to start the conversation. 

Employment Opportunities

Team Lead

Oversees the market approach. Understands the problem in the niche and shapes a message to create demand. And oversees the technical output for customer projects. 

Outreach Team

Communicates using a variety of platforms to customers. Analysis engagement and followup with prospects with benefits of services. Should be proficient with social media.

Relationship Manager

Oversees the customer use of service. Identifies other opportunities which exist to help clients. 

Technical Analysis

Develops all technical services for client and outsources any necessary technical project. 

Create Your Future

We’re Making Florida… 

Join Us