Community Garden in Jacksonville

10 Reasons Jacksonville Needs
A Community Garden In Downtown Before Summer

Before we discuss reasons to have a community garden… Let go ahead and talk about a few reasons why it’s a bad idea. 

A few of you have mentioned these 3 reasons to abort the mission. 

1. Conflict: Yes, there will be differences of opinions. This exists everywhere. The world revolves around overcoming conflict like adults. 

2. Harvest and Stealing? Worry not. This community garden is here to get food into the hands of those who can’t afford it. Look like Alfred said in Batman… ‘there are always going to be men that just want to see the world burn.” People are going to “steal” things. It’s a non-issue. 

3. Competition for Grants: We believe that we should generate our own wealth. Which is why we promote products and services that we know are beneficial to the environment and the community. That way we can continue to support the mission of this garden for years to come. 

With that out the way, here are 10 Reason Why Downtown Jacksonville Needs A Community Garden

1. Everyday Someone Who Cannot Afford Food
Has A Place To Come and Eat.

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Homeless people in the city will have access to foods year-round. Most homeless support services are central around the downtown area. Furthermore, community gardens around the nation, are responsible for thousands of dollars annually in food. This food will serve to support families on low or fixed incomes.

2. Plants Brings People Together

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This world has adapted to commercialism and social delusion (social media). We’re sold on something everywhere we go. And being asked to like, be friends, pin, and connect with strangers all across the globe. Usually, with an intent to sell us more stuff. It’s not real human connection. If you can’t call them up at 2am to change your tires… or just to talk… You’re not that connected. Gardens take away commercialized environments. It allows you to introduce yourself to a stranger and form real deep meaningful connections.

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3. Give The Community A Safe Place
To Express Their Creativity Side

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Yes, there is a debatable claim about Winston Churchill. The legend says when he was asked to cut funds for arts to support the war, he muttered “then what are we fighting for?”. Real or Fake… just read a book like Fahrenheit 451. Or see a movie like Equilibrium! Both gives very vivid description when things like expression and emotions are suppressed. For what it’s worth here’s a verified statement from Winston Churchill in relations to art: 

“The arts are essen­tial to any com­plete national life. The State owes it to itself to sus­tain and encour­age them….Ill fares the race which fails to salute the arts with the rev­er­ence and delight which are their due.”- Winston Churchill

4. Keeps The Air Fresh And Saves Energy

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“Lung of the city…” The unofficial name for parks and gardens since the early 1840’s. Plants remove a significant amount of pollutants out of the air.  Add that to the ability of recycling water which reduced waste. Furthermore, The presence of a garden can teach residents about organic compost. Also it teaches how to use the skin of fruits and vegetables for other reasons than just food. 

5. Community Greening Provides Job Training
In Areas Where Training May Not Exist

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Community Gardening projects work closely with other organizations. Such organizations will provide employment and skills for individual transitioning between careers. Furthermore, it attracts volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge of the trade for those seeking to enter a related industry. 

6. In Areas Where Noise Is Dominant
Greening Can Reduce Stress

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Let’s face it… there are all kinds of studies we can cite proving the effectiveness of gardening. But in simple terms, it comes down to this… Pick up a sharp shovel. Thrust it a few inches from your feet in order to dig a hole. See how well your focus increases and your worries go away. Any questions? 

7. Children Have A Place To Play
While Learning Survival Skills

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Like you, we support giving kids the opportunity to play while learning new things. The hands-on learning experience is what we need more of.  Kids start to learn how food should look at various stages. This helps them identify when food is bad while shopping later on. 

8. People Will Naturally Come Together
And Build Networks

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Gardens create a sense of ownership and community in a city. People naturally come together to share ideas and to participate in the growth of arts and culture. 

9. Compost Used By Community Gardening
Will Save City Money

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Florida has over 800 landfills. Imagine just how much waste we will save if we converted some of that into compost?  

10. Community Gardening Refreshes The Mind
Leading To More Productive


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The world around us is busy. We have work, schedules, deadlines to meet, and all kind of distractions. Gardens give us the space to relax and focus. This allows us to regain mental control over our actions at a more productive rate. 

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