Restaurant Review

How To Survive As A Restaurant In The New Attention Age

As we continue the fight for our audience attention… this is how restaurants can aid themselves. 

Making Florida

We focus on helping businesses use technology to grow their sales and revenue without the need for the corporate size budget. 

Seven Bridges Grill And Brewery


  • Good Looking site.
  • Designed to give important information to current and loyal fans.


  • Not Optimized for new visitor to commit to location.
  • Gives away too much information. Lack curiosity.
  • Need tracking enabled
  • Should focus on capturing contact information.

Interview With Young Urban Professional

Javon Williams Speaks Out On Major Issues Facing Young Urbans Professional

It’s a concern that keeps many from starting their own business or being promoted. JAX-YUP CEO talks about the plan to bring balance to the city. 

Jacksonville Young Urban Professionals are out to serve 3 Major Groups… 

  • Urban Business Owners 
  • Urban Professionals 
  • And Job Seekers

Javon, a successful business owner, coach, and executive board member on the JBCC recalls the lack of resources available to him when he started his business. 

Overall, we believe that working together we can provide a “one stop shop” for those in the community seeking to open a business. 

While the JAX-YUP is located in Jacksonville Florida… 

We asked of any plans to expand as well as what is the main benefit someone will achieve by being a member of the JAX-YUP. Watch the video below as Javon reveals all. 

On Average 2/3 Of Your Foot Traffic Buyers Will Never Return. This Little Glass Jar Method Keeps Them Coming Back!

Young Urban Professional Discuss The Big Problems They Seek To Solve

Photo Credit: Bracy Photos 

CEO Javon Williams 
Jacksonville Young Urban Professionals 

Our Mission: A Jacksonville-based business group focused on Peer Mentoring, Workshops and Networking at Professional Conferences. 

Our Vision: To provide a One Stop Shop business solution for young, urban professional business owners!

Javon Williams Plans To Take JAX-YUP Into New Heights. 

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Wevo-Method Revenue Strategy

How WEVO- Revenue Method Helps Local Businesses Generate Revenue 24/7 Without Extending Their Hours

By using technology, the Wevo-Method delivers additional revenue to businesses without concern of the hours opened. Corporations are using these hacks to their advantage and now it’s time for Small Businesses.

If you run a local business, then you’re probably aware of 2 limits to your income. The hours you’re opened and the amount of foot traffic you generate. 

📕Meanwhile, there’s a world where technology is closing down retail stores. And impacting other industries overnight. 

📕These industries experience rapid changes due to exploit of 2 points of failures… 

📌T̟H̟E̟ F̟I̟R̟S̟T̟ B̟I̟G̟ P̟R̟O̟B̟L̟E̟M̟.. most businesses are only opened for about 10 hours a day. 

New technology allows these dominating business like Amazon to generate revenue 24/7. 

Leaving those unable to produce revenue 24/7 at a disadvantage. 

Out of pure necessity, the WEVO-Method takes the best practices of experts in the marketing and sales industry. 

Give local businesses access to technology that generate revenue 24/7 without having to extend their work hours.  

Listen to the video to learn more about how the WEVO-Method uses technology to generate 24/7 

On Average 2/3 Of Your Foot Traffic Buyers Will Never Return. This Little Glass Jar Method Keeps Them Coming Back!

See What New Technology Allows Local Businesses To Generate Revenue 24/7 Without Extending Work Hours.

Samuel Phillips
Making Florida 

There are 3 major factors that we see in the marketplace. This is what’s happening now.

And at any moment the opportunity to take advantage of it can end.

We must act now to move from struggling to thriving. From a place where you’re surviving into dominating. And able to focus on growing your influence.

Economic Factors:

The financial gap have become wider. The internet has opened up a new source of automation.

Robots are causing in-demand jobs to lose value. And wiping out jobs and industries. More millionaire come from in front of a laptop than working at a cash register.

And now because robots and automation are taking away jobs. There are increasing more people available to work the cash register. And less with the skills to create wealth using technology.

Social Factors:

With the rise of social media, local influence is being replaced by national brands. It’s a race! Who can get more like, followers, and comments?

The one who can create the biggest following, wins. We are becoming conditioned to follow the masses.

So now instead of shopping local… your customer are buying from Amazon. Influencers, and others because those are the popular options.

Technology Factor:

Technology is advancing so fast that many people and businesses are behind. Because they lack the knowledge or resources to take part.

Corporation and online businesses have an advantage… They learn new technology quickly and use it to their advantage. Meanwhile small businesses are slow to learn and adapt.

This allows some companies to take off and change like a rocket launcher. And others change like a cliff. 

This is why there is a trend of retail stores closing. Companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and Bitcoin, come in and shake up entire industries.

The WEVO-Method takes advantages of these technologies. Combine them with collaboration with some of the top experts in the industries. And as a results generates additional streams of revenue for local businesses 24/7.


Highly Recommend That You Begin With This Book And Start Your Journey To Be Paid For What You Know. 

Interviewer- David Williams

About- David Williams

David W Williams is a leader in Facebook ad analytics, Facebook ad workflow management and creating high value offers for small businesses.

David is driven by a passion for helping small businesses grow with marketing principles that are time tested and reliable. David considers himself a “student of the game” and is always looking to improve his ability to solve problems.

Contact- David Williams

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Hack Amazon Growth Methods

2 Exploits Amazon Used To Impact The Retail Industry And Why Local Businesses Should Do The Same

We spent over 1000 hours of research obtaining this information.

We’ve watched a lot of interviews. We read more things related to managing money than we care to admit for these 2 hacks.

All to answer… What helped Amazon Grow So Quick?

If you asked Jeff Bezos… Which someone does in the video below…

He says it’s luck and having the stars match up in the correct way.

We didn’t spend months of research for “luck” so we kept digging.

And sure enough, we found it… Hidden between the lines of every interview was the answer. Narrowed down to 2 methods that lead to more money and explosive growth.

Now listen… there are always existing principals like “keep the customer first… ask the customer what they want to buy…

We know this… it’s the obvious answer… Let talk about the not so obvious answers which sped up their growth…

Watch The Video 2 Hacks To Take From Amazon And Use Today

Technology is advancing so quickly that many people and businesses are behind. 

Think Toys r Us… which is now bankrupt.

For this reason, we looked at what made Amazon successful. And what can we replicate?

First, Amazon exploited the power of the internet. They built a website where they deposited checks into their account 24 hours a day.

The “regular business hours” had no impact on generating money.
Along with producing money 24 hours a day… They broke from their local areas and sold to the entire country.

Were they the first? No, as one would expect. But many local businesses are stuck to their local area.

Not understanding the importance of reaching beyond your local community.

This is the new shift… be local, sell globally.

Secondly… They trust skills of others to create many streams of income.

Here is a secret that Jeff Bezos isn’t afraid to admit… he (on purpose) enter markets he isn’t an expert on… make sense right?

  • They didn’t rely on their own skills and abilities. Instead, he did this…
  • They bought companies and products already on the market and labeled them. Or used on their website.
  • They didn’t fight against companies already selling. Nor try to recreate their own branded products. They took what sold and changed the place it was paid for. They let experts… remain experts.
  • The efforts of others built their sales rather than internal staff. Relax folks no one is saying there was no sales force at Amazon. Only that Amazon thrive because other got a small fee for sending customers.
  • They grew and did well because they changed.
No longer were they a company based on a product or service.

They created an Idea.

The idea they adopted was the idea of distribution…

Now, this wasn’t an obvious thing. It only came about after Bezos did one thing he talks about in his interview. Which leads us to ask…

Are ideas the new business model?

How to copy this into your business?

The solution is to surround yourself with a responsible tribe. Who care for and support one another.

Generate money around the clock. Otherwise, your competition will leave you behind when they learn this first. This will take care of a single point of failure. If you cannot work during those hours no revenue comes in.

Don’t distract yourself from your current income method. But begin to depend on the efforts of others and add more sources of money around your business.

This allows you to eliminate one more single point of failure in your business…

Yes, unfortunately, many businesses have many single points of failures.

These 2 things alone will help you excel in your business. Allow you to grow and do well and reduce points of failures.

Marking Methods That Are A Waste Of Time

Are You Wasting Time Studying The Wrong Marketing Methods?

Get these wrong and you will waste a ton of time focusing on non-revenue producing activities. 


Todd Brown is the Founder of He’s considered the foremost authority on engineering high-conversion customer acquisition

In just a few seconds, we break down why some marketing is timeless. And why others methods fade away fast. 
Do you want to understand how the savvy marketers dominate? Meanwhile others struggle to sell… then the information discussed here is the utmost important. 
“Funnel Guy” Todd Brown goes deep into what 2 things you need to distinguish between for radically improving your marketing. 

Lastly, he mentions he a few resources that are most valuable to him in creating multi-million dollar campaigns. 

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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Community Building Interviews

How WEVO-METHOD Contributes To Your Individual Growth.

Let’s Connect And Make Things Happen.

We believe that technology is advancing so rapidly that many people and businesses will be left behind. 

Simply, because they lack the knowledge or resources to participate.

The answer… the solution to not only survive but to Thrive is found in collaborate and  responsible tribes where members care for and support one another. 

The WEVO-Community is a collaborate group of investors, inventors, entrepreneurs, professional, small businesses and people like you… All working together to help you get what you want… 

Building Relationships… 

Making the world a better place in the process. 

Right now we have a few opened spots for individuals looking to work together towards their goal. 

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