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Invest in Jacksonville Northside Community

These Little Buildings Will Add Over 3.2 Million Dollars In Restoration For The ENTIRE Lem Turner Community In Less Than 5 Years.


We Know... as technology continues to advance many people and businesses are being left behind.

Here's The Big Problem That Affects our community?

The area continues to decline. Money and Resources are taken out of this area and not being reinvested by businesses. We see a rise of new development around us which will take away the limited resources we have. 

What is the Scope of the Problem?

It’s Bad. Homes are dropping in value. Businesses have no incentives to build here. Jobs are declining. And the financial gap is becoming wider. As development happens around us.. how long before businesses stop being supported? 

What Happens if Not Fixed Today?

The standard for what “wealth” is rises every year. The vehicle for becoming wealthy “jobs” are declining and disappearing in this area. It will become hopeless if not fixed. Building and homes will continue to become vacant. 

Our solution is to work as a community and generate our own revenue in order to rebuild our community.

5 Parts Building Remodel

Public Computer Area

A part of this building will serve as a computer business center. The public will be able to come in 24/7 and work on a computer. Lacking this technology access is limiting access to knowledge and job opportunities. Resident will have access to remote job they could not have worked due to lack of technology.

business area

A part of this building is dedicated to producing revenue through eCommerce and Digital services using the Collaborate WEVO-Method. This revenue will go back into rebuilding the community.

Smoothie Cafe

A part of the building is dedicated to providing healthy food and drink options for the neighborhood.

Events and training

A part of this building is dedicated to community events that showcase CULTURE. Also will be for the development of skills and exercise. Soft skill and access to skilled knowledge is essential in equipping

outdoor shops

A outside this building is dedicated to locally handmade talents. Wood shops, pottery, glass blowing, and more. The items produced here will be sold around the World. This o uses the global economy to build local communities.

Elizabeth Weeks

Revenue planning

This building is designed to bring revenue back into the community. We can’t just keep taking value out we have to put value back in. 

These are Just 2 of 5 Core Sources of Revenue generated by Investing into this building and WEVO-Collaboration. 


Over 1 billion people worldwide have purchased online. This number is expected to continuously grow. 

Revenue expected: 1 Million a Year

Digital advertising

Digital Marketing is a space continuing to grow as more businesses rely on social media. Solo Agencies are producing  $10k – $100k a month

Revenue expected: 1 Million a Year

" We cannot continue to take value out of communities. We must add value as well "
Sam Phillips
Community Tribe Builder

We cannot wait and see how others will help. Let's work together and rebuild our own community.
Let's talk about how you can help

Public Computer Area

Collaborate Business Area 

Smoothie Cafe

Events and Training Area 

Outdoor Shops 

Let's Talk About How You Can Help

Our Solution

Use technology involved in eCommerce and Digital Marketing combined with the WEVO-Collaboration Method to generate revenue for the community and investors. 

Your Role

Invest into Community Impact. We need you to make a cash purchase totaling $250k to purchase and remodel this building. And understand how it will impact the Community. 

Your ROI

See the return as the Revenue generated here will flow back into your business and personal life. If you take care of the community the community will take care of you. 

Entrepreneur To Pour 12,000 Lbs of Oranges

Deteriorating Conditions On Jacksonville Northside Prompts Local Entrepreneurs To Drop 12,000 LBS of Orange Pulps In Community To Stimulate 30 New Jobs Over the Next 30 Days

 This Unique Wevo-Method Will Bring Revenue Into Community and Help Residents Build Finances

What Prompted Entrepreneurs Response To Neglect Of Urban Area

We only have a few days to respond… 

We’re not asking if a community should have the correct tools to create their own future.

Instead, we must ask different questions. And understand who has the right ideas. Ideas that provide this community with the tools they need to create their own future.

Before we answer… we must first understand what is happening right now in this community. 

There are 3 factors in motion and without understanding each one… any plan is doomed to fail.

Economic Factors At Work In The Community

The impact of money has changed.

The requirement for security we once had at $100k has increased. 

We now need to make $1 million to have the same peace of mind we had at $100k.

The idea of what is wealth is increasing. While the “vehicle“…or the jobs to achieve wealth is moving in reverse.

This community now sees an increase of $9 per hour jobs working less than 30 hours a week. 

Which means there is a bigger gap between what is considered wealthy and the vehicle needed to get there.

Social Factors At Work In The Community

Businesses in the community aren’t investing back into the community.

Buildings are deteriorating. Homes are without repair. And as a result, it has led to a steady decline in property values… A decline in resources.

And a decline in opportunities to attract more businesses and jobs.

Yet, online businesses are on a rise.

As consumers, we’re buying more stuff online.

This decreases the need to shop locally. Which also decreases the demand for local profitable jobs.

As a result, these 2 factors speed up the declining conditions. A massive amount of money is leaving the community and very little is coming in.

What does these conditions look like? 

Well, imagine, if I gave you a bicycle and told you to ride it on the street. You’ll be in good shape. But if I gave you a bicycle and told you to swim with it… you will drown.

These factors… are drowning the community. 

Having another way to take out revenue from the community… is not the answer.

Technology Factors Working Against The Community

We know that technology is taking off so fast.

Many people and even businesses are being left behind.

Retail stores are shutting down at a rapid pace. eCommerce continues to allow consumers to order anything from around the world. All at the push of a button.

And it’s not the retail industry alone feeling the pressure. More disruptive technology is shaking up industries. 

We’ve seen companies like Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, YouTube and more… make an impact. All due to technology.


What's The Big Idea?

Technology is not the problem.

We don’t want to stop the progression of technology. Instead… we want to use it to our advantage.

Our big idea is different from investing in selling a product or service.

Our Big Idea involves investing in Community Impact.

Investing in a community the CORRECT tools needed to forge their own future.

Investing in a community the technology needed to use the global economy to impact their local communities.

And generate extra sources of revenue 24/7 for themselves and for investors.

Let’s reverse the trend of removing revenue out of the community.

Instead, let’s return it to where it impacts lives.

This Is The Current State Of The Community

How This Will Impact The Community

All across the world, Solopreneurs use technology and build their own business. 

In the same way entrepreneurs used garages to build successful businesses in the past.

Our solution uses technology in a very structured process. 

The process relies on the best practices of some of the leading experts in marketing, sales, and collaboration.

Our solution combines effort and energy into a collaborate and responsible tribe that cares for and support one another. Working together as a team to generate revenue 24/7 using the power of technology. 

In what we call the WEVO-Method. And honestly, it’ll only make sense to those of you who have a deep desire to impact the community and those around you.

We can’t continue to take value out of communities. We have to put it back in.

Projected Costs

At the end of the day, we’re talking about a project with very little overhead cost.

Yet the potential to produce millions of dollars a year.

And have tremendous impact on the community.

Why Different Works?

Our plan is different. Different is important to us. 

We see how the market is shifting to benefit technology. 

And we’re using technology to our advantage. 

If you don’t like different there’s a high possibility that we’re not a good fit for each other.

Because… our model is designed to adapt to changes in technology. And we don’t see the rapid changes in technology slowing down.

We cannot continue to build mom and pop retail stores and hope Amazon doesn’t find us.

So rather than not working together… Imagine how many lives we can impact if we work together and Made Things Happen.

Why 12,000 Lbs Of Orange Pulps

Here’s the thing…

In the mid-1990’s in Costa Rica, an invasive grass came in and choked a rich part of the jungle. Leaving it without plants, and native animals.

Ecologists from the University of Pennsylvania approached a juice company. 

The idea?… use 12,000 lbs of leftover pulp and rinds to treat the degraded areas.

After the treating half of the affected area, the project was shut down. They left behind a road that divided the treated side from the untreated side.

Returning to the area more than a decade later. New researchers found a 200% increase in tree growth and animal life in the area treated by the oranges.

A sharp contrast from the untreated area.

What we have here is an opportunity to leave our version of orange pulps on a community. 

Our 12,000 Lbs Of Orange Pulps Come In the Form of Investing And Remodeling a Building

This is how investing in this building works:

Part 1. Public Computer Business Area

A part of this building will serve as a computer business center.

Businesses today, are being built at Starbucks on a laptop. Yet for this community, there isn’t a comfortable public wifi connection for miles. 

Nor do they have access to the knowledge or resources to grow their own business.

Public Computer Business Area

Part 2. Collaboration Area

A part of the building will host a collaborate team. They will work together to generate revenue in eCommerce and Digital Marketing. 

Collaboration Area

Part 3. Smoothie Cafe

The building will include a Healthy Smoothie Bar. As healthy options are seriously lacking in this community.

Smoothie Cafe

Part 4. Events And Culture

A part of the building will include an activity area. Used for physical workouts, dancing, and events that promote unity and culture.

Events and Dancing

Part 5. Shed Shops

The rear of the property will become small handcraft shops. Glass blowing, Woodwork, pottery, Spray paint art… and more… Because no matter how much technology change we must inspire the ideas that come from the mind.

Outdoor Shops

All these things work together to produce multiple sources of income. Putting revenue back into building the community.

Strategy planning

What we have here is an opportunity to leave our version of orange pulps on a community. The opportunity for this is now.

➡This is the last standalone building that can do the job this requires. 

➡The area is deteriorating fast. And this building won’t be on the market for much longer.

➡Equip this community with the correct tools. And be heroes by those you give a chance to choose their own destiny.

I urge you, If you aren’t on board with the idea of community impact, then it’s ok… we’re not a good fit for each other.

But for me… I see myself walking down the street of Norwood Ave 5 years from now. What I see is a 200% increase for this community. Where wealth is not measured by working multiple jobs. Living paycheck to paycheck…


  • I see the return of balanced economics. Where people are spending more locally because they have more.
  • They are leaving their homes for culture and community events. Which encourages more businesses to move into the area to fill the demand.
  • This brings back more jobs and increases the hourly wages and amount of hours available to work.
  • I see a building that creates other sources of income. So that people have more coming in and feel secure.

I remind you that we’re not asking if a community should have the correct tools to create their future.

The answer to that is undeniable YES.

Which means… 

The only question to answer today is… rather YOU think They deserve the correct tools?


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