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If you wanted to describe the way technology is affecting business in 2018 in a few words.

You might say, Enterprising, Sophisticated, and Astounding

But if you want to capture how most small business owners feel about rapid changing technology, you could simply say… INTIMIDATED. 

...Why Technology is Simply 'Intimidating'

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Due to either lack of knowledge or resources to participate… business are shutting down. And people are being replaced by automation. 

Small business are slow to adapt to constant changing technologies.  Corporation have the budget and online business have the flexibility. 

Businesses are unaware of leaks in their systems and processes. Without understanding the leaks in your system trying to adopt a new technology can lead to failure just as easily as not adapting it at all. 

What's The Results Of This?

Once you understand your business system as a whole you can see where technology can eliminate the bottlenecks in your business. 

There Are 2 Places Where You Can Find A Bottleneck… 

Systems: Your systems connects your business together. 

People: Your people hold the system together. 

A leak in either if these places can cost your Business Money, Time, And Resources. 

This Is Where We Come In...

We use an Unique Wevo Method to treat your entire business like a funnel. We maximize your profits by identifying and freeing up the constraints in your business. Unfortunately, we don’t find the right people for you. But we will optimize and automate your system. That way the right people can excel at what they do. 

Where is does it leak? 

Is it a TOFU problem? 

Is it a MOFU problem? 

Is it a BOFU problem? 

We Make Mom And Pop Shops Function Like Fortune 500 Cash Machines


Business and Process Optimization

  • Applies Wevo-Method to identify the bottlenecks and eliminate them.
  • Use the right technologies to plug the leaks in your systems.
  • Frees up time, money, and resources to scale your business.

System Automation

  • Wevo-Method automates manual processes such as HR, Training and Marketing.
Technology is advancing so rapidly that many people and businesses are going broke. To solve this problem we use the WEVO-Method that builds revenue generating systems around local businesses.
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