PAY MY BILLS Official Rules and Term of Service

Pay My Bills Official Rules: 

No Purchase Necessary 

This Contest is set to begin each month on 10th and end each month on the 25th at 11:59pm

The contest will be for either  up to $500 for a Utility Bill (defined below) or to a local home improvement business (defined below) for up to $500.  

Participants can enter and increase their entry numbers by sharing and gaining more entries using their referral link.

November 1st The winner will be announced via Text message. Winner must be a member at the time to claim Prize. And may require additional voting between top entries inside of the group. The Contest must generate 1000 participants or may be extended a week beyond November 1st. 

Contest is ran from Fl and valid only for Florida Residents, where not prohibited by Law. Valid for ages 18 and up.

Winner must be able to produce Utility bill with name and address as proof of resident.  

No discrimination for age, sex, nationality, or any preference will be tolerated. 


The main prize consist of  up to $500 for a Utility Bill (defined below) or to a local home improvement business (defined below) for up to $500. 

How to Enter:  

  1. All registering for contest should start here:  (attempting to enter contest any other means may result in entry being overlooked)
  2. Resident should make a choice of which Prize they are attempting to win. 
  3. Resident should comment or submit a picture which answers the question provided from step 1. 
  4. Resident should visit Thank You Page to ensure they have all updated information. (Failure to visit the Thank You Page may void the entry)
  5. Resident can gain more points towards winning by registering here: Gain More Entry Points

These points add up and can be combined with other 500 Pay My Bill contests. 

Points can be removed at anytime and are not the sole reason why someone will win. 


Winner Selection

Winner will be selected by the following methods: 

  1. Prize: The Prize is determined by the amount of votes. We will only choose a winner from the group of prizes with the most votes. You may vote for each prize but a vote of “both” will not be counted. 
  2. Next, we look at  the comment and Pictures engagement (see How to Enter #3) we select a 10% of the most engaged posts and add those users to the semi-final.
  3. Next, we look at the amount of points and social shares generated by users and select the top 10% from there. 
  4. The entries are weighed and randomly selected. 

 The contest must have 1000 entries to be valid. 

Winner Notification: 

Winner will be announced via Facebook Messenger and must accept the prize with qualifications before being rewarded. 


Your contact information will not be sold… or given to the lowest bidder on Ebay. We protect that. And we send you some value packed information as well. If you don’t find value in what we send you… feel free to unsubscribe. But first tell us why so we can address that! 

Limitation of Liability:

We make all efforts to live up to the spirit of this contest. If 1000 entries does not sign up users will be notified the contest has been cancelled and efforts to start again with a different prize will happen within that month. 

Social Network Disclaimer:

This contest is not endorsed  by any social network platform it may appear on. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. You are signing up for a contest operated by Making Florida.