13 Things Better Than Guns For Stress Management And Equally As Dangerous

There is nothing more satisfying than a few bullet holes in a target to burn off stress. Except we disagree. Yes, guns are dangerous and deadly. But more so, after the initial boom, the thrill goes away.

Here are 13 alternatives to gun shooting that are just as life threatening without all the restrictions of guns… And of course longer thrill time. 

1. Bottle Rockets

Does the big boom from the gun cause your stress to melt away? Then you will love the convenience of bottle rockets. Not only are they easy to make… but you can shoot them off in the middle of most cities. Fireworks are a close alternative. But the availability is limited.

Of course if “bigger is better” there is always the Jumbo option…

2. Chain Saws

Chain Saws isn’t just for clearing bushes and trees anymore. Yes, you can destroy stuff. Feel the raw power of a tree turning into dust from the gas-powered metal in your hand. But try making a work of art. The focus needed will take the stress away. And even earn you some cash.

3. Glass Blowing

Tell me you can maintain a high-stress level around a 2000 degrees furnace. I’ll tell you to touch it once and see if your story stays the same! Where else can you wield the ‘lava of a volcano’? Maybe only a lightsaber can compare?

4. Fire Spinning

If being surrounded by intense flames doesn’t unnerve you the loud whooshing sound of the fire will. The constant threat of combustion into flames. Along with the thunder sounds of the moving flames make this a favorite gun alternative.

5. Metal Working

Maybe we’re a bit obsessed with fire. However, there’s something about the heat, explosions, and now metal that makes it an awesome activity. You’ll find more unique items can turn this hobby into cash.

6. Woodworking

‘Danger’ is having access to multiple tools that can cause great bodily harm. With woodwork, you have an arsenal of tools to bend, cut, drill, and manipulate wood to whatever you desire. Granted the fun isn’t in what you create. But in what you destroy while creating.  

7. Sword Fighting

Leave it to the professionals and just watch a show instead. That’s our disclaimer… But we know spectating will never be as fun as clashing two super sharp steel objects together. Sword fighting with other humans is fun. Yet to deal with stress, we suggest using fruits. As you cut them the juice flies everywhere and creates a delightful mess.

8. Fishing

Falling asleep by the river while drinking a 6 pack isn’t what we imagine with fishing. But let’s be honest… that’s a pretty awesome way to deal with stress. It wouldn’t be on this list if there wasn’t an element of danger! With extreme weather, heavy equipment, threats of drowning, and deep-sea creatures that can kill you, fishing has its share of dangers.

9. Archery

Archery by statistics is one of the world’s safest sports. So the danger is not what makes it better for stress management than guns. It’s the only one that directly replaces a gun with the same goal in mind… Put a hole in a target. Archery is more gentle on the ears and doesn’t have the recoil effect. Making this a more gentle stress management tool than a gun.

10. Boxing

Make someone bleed with a gun and go to jail. Make someone bleed while boxing and win the fight. Guns require very little effort. While boxing requires sweat, strategy, and quickness to overcome your opponent.

11. Knife Throwing

The most lethal skill of the set is knife throwing. We don’t advise using any of these skills to harm anyone. But knife throwing may come in handy to protect yourself if needed.

12. Axe Throwing

Some people like hand guns while some like rifles. Some people throw knives while other throw Axes. In the world where bigger is better… sharp objects doesn’t disappoint. Axe throwing takes the annoying pain of stress from the shoulders and toss it into a target. 

13. Paint Ball

For when you absolutely have to shoot something… or someone… here’s the way to do it. By far this is the coolest one on the list. Paintball against other humans and what you shoot can shoot back at you.