These Little Buildings Will Add Over 3.2 Million Dollars In Restoration For The ENTIRE Lem Turner Community In Less Than 5 Years.


We Know... as technology continues to advance many people and businesses are being left behind.

Here's The Big Problem That Affects our community?

The area continues to decline. Money and Resources are taken out of this area and not being reinvested by businesses. We see a rise of new development around us which will take away the limited resources we have. 

What is the Scope of the Problem?

It’s Bad. Homes are dropping in value. Businesses have no incentives to build here. Jobs are declining. And the financial gap is becoming wider. As development happens around us.. how long before businesses stop being supported? 

What Happens if Not Fixed Today?

The standard for what “wealth” is rises every year. The vehicle for becoming wealthy “jobs” are declining and disappearing in this area. It will become hopeless if not fixed. Building and homes will continue to become vacant. 

Our solution is to work as a community and generate our own revenue in order to rebuild our community.

5 Parts Building Remodel

Public Computer Area

A part of this building will serve as a computer business center. The public will be able to come in 24/7 and work on a computer. Lacking this technology access is limiting access to knowledge and job opportunities. Resident will have access to remote job they could not have worked due to lack of technology.

business area

A part of this building is dedicated to producing revenue through eCommerce and Digital services using the Collaborate WEVO-Method. This revenue will go back into rebuilding the community.

Smoothie Cafe

A part of the building is dedicated to providing healthy food and drink options for the neighborhood.

Events and training

A part of this building is dedicated to community events that showcase CULTURE. Also will be for the development of skills and exercise. Soft skill and access to skilled knowledge is essential in equipping

outdoor shops

A outside this building is dedicated to locally handmade talents. Wood shops, pottery, glass blowing, and more. The items produced here will be sold around the World. This o uses the global economy to build local communities.

Elizabeth Weeks

Revenue planning

This building is designed to bring revenue back into the community. We can’t just keep taking value out we have to put value back in. 

These are Just 2 of 5 Core Sources of Revenue generated by Investing into this building and WEVO-Collaboration. 


Over 1 billion people worldwide have purchased online. This number is expected to continuously grow. 

Revenue expected: 1 Million a Year

Digital advertising

Digital Marketing is a space continuing to grow as more businesses rely on social media. Solo Agencies are producing  $10k – $100k a month

Revenue expected: 1 Million a Year

" We cannot continue to take value out of communities. We must add value as well "
Sam Phillips
Community Tribe Builder

We cannot wait and see how others will help. Let's work together and rebuild our own community.
Let's talk about how you can help

Public Computer Area

Collaborate Business Area 

Smoothie Cafe

Events and Training Area 

Outdoor Shops 

Let's Talk About How You Can Help

Our Solution

Use technology involved in eCommerce and Digital Marketing combined with the WEVO-Collaboration Method to generate revenue for the community and investors. 

Your Role

Invest into Community Impact. We need you to make a cash purchase totaling $250k to purchase and remodel this building. And understand how it will impact the Community. 

Your ROI

See the return as the Revenue generated here will flow back into your business and personal life. If you take care of the community the community will take care of you.