This Isn't Your Ordinary
Speed Dating Game 🤪

" To be honest this event might not be for you. Stay home! Take cover! Drink tea with the kids... You won't walk away without crying..."

You’ve been warned! 

This is not a place for soft skin… 

…Your ego… 

…or easily broken hearts! 

You’ll be insulted…  👇

Laughed at… 

Made fun of… 

called names you wish you could forget! 

And just when you’ve had enough… 

When you’re about to give in and cry… 😫

We’ll throw you into someone arms for you to love them!!! 

Announcing The August 2018
Cards Against Humanity Speed Dating Event!

With That Said Let's Take Some Questions!!!

When is It?

August 1st 
7:00 – 10 pm 

(Don’t worry, it won’t start til 7:30 because
we know you won’t be on time! )

Who’s it for? 

Single People… 

It’s Speed Dating… Not Cheaters! 🙄
But also don’t be lame and creepy! 
We don’t expect you to get married, 
But come expecting to interact with humans… without a phone! 

How Does It Work? 

  • Women get the black cards
  • Men get the white cards
  • Every 5 minutes Men will approach a woman and she will read her card and pick a winner for a private conversation.

How Much Does It Cost? 🤑

Look, we could have done this be FREE…
But no one values free stuff. 
You’ll come up with a LAME EXCUSE not to come
if we did it for Free! And frankly…

What obligation do we have to bring you an AMAZING TIME for Free???

You deserve better than that!
So we’re bringing you an AMAZING event at a Great Price! Here’s what you get!!! 

  1. We’ve already eliminated most of the creeps and complainers just by adding a price! So CONGRATS… If you’re still reading this you’re probably someone we want to come ANYWAYS! 

2. We realized there are places charging $30+. You pay to stand around and watch people drink.🙄 

Well, We turned our fun level up a notch and created a night where you’ll laugh non-stop and if you’re lucky… well you’ll get lucky! 😍

3. We raised the stakes. One Couple will win tickets to Lauren Hill concert happening on August 2nd. How can you win? 
Well, be there and find out. 

With only 80 spots available We Had A Choice… 

We could open the event to the public and let anyone come… 

But we wanted to deliver a high quality event. 

While similar events will cost over $30… 

We went doubled the price and doubled the value… But in a minute I will show you how you still can join AT NO COST!  

Here's the Deal

We only have space for 60 people. Because we want to fill up fast we need your help in getting the word out. 
For the first 20 men and women who act as ambassadors and share the event… 

You’ll Get in At No Cost… But You have to RSVP Now. 
RSVP Below and You’ll be redirected to the Location and the page to share Just Click “RSVP and then Get “Started”. 👇🏼 

(ps. there is no charge!) 


PS. RSVP Now before all spots are taken. Just Click “RSVP” and then “Get Started”